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See below for all available VPN (virtual private network) cash back offers. Please refer to the minimum subscription order details under each offer and remember to check Terms and Conditions before proceeding. To avoid potential linking problems, it is always best to delete cookies before opening a new account. An explanation on how to can be found here.

We have also listed information about each company and the pro's and con's of each service. There are hundreds of different VPN providers out there so we have listed our favourites below, which we believe are most valuable to online gamblers.

What are the benefits of using a VPN?

1) Access your betting accounts from anywhere in the World, while still appearing to be logging in from your home country. This avoids any potential issues with bookies suspending your accounts or linking your accounts to other players. This benefit also applies domestically as well. If you are using a public or wifi connection, you can still login into all your accounts using your regular IP address.

2) Change your IP address as many times as you require. Most VPN services offer numerous servers that you can connect to, therefore allowing you to use multiple IP addresses.

3) Access your bank accounts, E-Wallet accounts and any other information sensitive accounts from anywhere in the World. So if you need to login to your bank account, or make an online transfer, whilst on a holiday or business trip, there is no risk of your account being temporarily suspended or having to make a security call with your bank.

4) Watch TV from your home country on your laptop anywhere in the World. For example, if you are from the UK and you use SkyGo on your Laptop, you can only access this from a UK IP address so therefore you wouldn't be able to use SkyGo when abroad. Another example is BBC iPlayer only grants access to viewers in the UK so if you are abroad you can trick the BBC iPlayer into thinking that you are physically located in the UK, by using a VPN

5) Use a VPN to bypass geographic restrictions (Geo blocking) in your respective country. If you want to use VOIP applications like skype, access blocked betting sites or want to view content that is edited by the internet service provider in your country, then a VPN will allow you to circumvent those restrictions.

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Strong VPN - VPN Claim €/£5 Cash Back Now

Earn €/£5 cash back when you register a new Strong VPN account by clicking on the Strong VPN banner or by clicking "Join Site" below. To be eligible for the €/£5 cash back you must purchase a package at Strong VPN worth at least 21 USD.

As they offer a 7 day money back guarantee, any subscriptions that are subsequently refunded will not eligible for the €/£5 cash back. Confirmed claims usually show up on the 8th day after the subscription was ordered, but may take longer in some cases.

In our opinion, Strong VPN offer the most powerful VPN service on the market. They offer a huge selection of servers from San Francisco to Singapore and even taking in less popular area's such as Riga in Latvia and Zlin in Czech Republic.

Unlike some VPN's and Proxy's, we have never experienced any delays or disconnections while testing Strong VPN. Once connected to a server, in the vast majority of cases you will not notice any difference whatsoever to your internet browsing and downloading speeds.

They also have outstanding customer service and 24/7 live chat so if there is ever a time that you need help or assistance you can rest assured that somebody will be there to help.

Prices here are reasonable and the difference between the most basic Lite option, Deluxe option and the Premium option is only small proportionally. The main difference between Lite, Deluxe and Premium is the number of servers you can connect to so if you only ever need to use IP addresses from one country then Lite could be the package for you which is only 21 USD for 3 months!

A breakdown of packages can be found via this link -

**Important** - If you want to be eligible for the cash back you need to join the site by clicking through the banner or 'Join Site'. Clicking directly through via the prices list will not activate your cash back.

Offer Expires 31/12/2015
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