About us

Welcome to Coupon Arbitrage!

We started out in 2010 as simply an arbitrage alert service, scanning betting ‘coupons’ available in UK high street shops against online betting odds for high value arbs – hence the name; Couponarbitrage.com. 

Since then we have reached out into other areas to try and turn the tables on the sportsbook, casino and bingo sites to bring back as much value as possible for all the gambling enthusiasts who use our site. 

We offer a variety of cashback/incentive schemes for new and existing customers with the aim of clawing back some of the margins imposed by gaming sites. By using our incentive schemes; from fixed amounts of cashback for setting up new accounts, cashback on your monthly losses and cashback on your betting turnover such as SBOBET cashback or cashback on your financial transactions such as NETELLER cashback, you are able to gain an extra edge over the bookies, giving you a better chance of making a healthy profit every month.

Our sports arbitrage guides explain everything there is to know about sports arbitrage or ‘arbing’ from all the theory and practical advise to our free to use arbitrage calculators; whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, we hope you’ll be able to learn something new by reading our site. We also provide a free arbs live interface, allowing you to make money with absolutely no subscription costs at all.

Finally, in keeping with the origins of our site, we recently re-launched our much improved sharbing software app. Once installed, you’ll have access to shop arbs and odds comparison from all the UK high street bookies.

We wish you all the best in your betting endeavours and we hope you find our site enjoyable and profitable to use!

Coupon Arbitrage Team